Flawed and Still Worthy

Today I was out with one of my friends for coffee and we were talking about a few of our flaws. Now, as women, we always thing that there are many things that are flawed about us -- and most frequently it is something about our physical appearance (and that is due to the modern advertising techniques that are used).

And I realized something. We are all flawed but we are still worthy. Breaking down the meaning of "Flawed and Still Worthy"-- flawed means imperfect in some way. Aren't we all imperfect in our own ways? We all have our past or our traumas that make us who we are today. Still, meaning up to and including the present or the time mentioned. And worthy meaning deserving effort, attention, respect.

That is a message that I believe needs to heard and seen by all because we are all "Flawed and Still Worthy." There is a difference between that saying and "Flawed and Worthy." The word still, in this case, is extremely powerful. It denotes that even though we are flawed we are worthy of love and respect and that is something that we cannot forget.

That is why we made this collection of Flawed and Still Worthy T-shirts, Flawed and Still Worthy Sweatshirts, and Flawed and Still Worthy Muscle tanks.

To let us how the world that we are worthy despite everything that has happened to us in our past. And you know what? So is everyone else.

We all have our flaws. Some have it visible (in the shape of scars) but many have it hidden. There is some emotional or mental trauma that has happened to us in the past that has colored the way that we look at things.

We might view ourselves as unworthy, that we do not deserve love and caring and respect. But we do. We need to overcome that over encompassing desire to remain hidden because we feel unworthy.

God knows that we are flawed. God sees past the flaws to the potential. God relieves our guilt and encourages us not to be afraid. That is where the transformation happens.

We are not the sum of our flaws in God’s eyes. Through Christ we are made worthy. Every single last one of us.

Let us boldly step into the call of God upon our life with humility, gentleness, and patience and trust God to lead us.

We are all worthy under the eyes of Jesus and God.


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