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We at ON CLOUD FAITH have more than 10 years experience in the garment and especially the t-shirt industry.
Looking at so many shops we were missing a place were you could find cute and comfy, but trendy, clothing combined with a great Christian message and we hope to fill this gap with our beautiful designs.
We hand pick only the best products. Every item is made to order in our facility here in the US with the best printing technique available.

We are a family business that started in 2012 in our one bedroom apartment and have grown since then. We've been in Maryland, Wisconsin, and now we are located in sunny Nevada. My wife, Ilona, and I Jonathan have been working hard to serve the religious and faith communities with messages of inspiration and support. We've been created graphic T's and clothing for quite some time now and have been doing, what I can modestly say, a great job at it :) You will just have buy it and see for yourself.

CEO- Ilona Waldmann

CFO- Jonathan Waldmann

COO- Sonja Dlouhy

Production Manager- Ronnie R.

Printing Manager- Ethan W.


On Cloud Faith ( a Lolabellas LLC subsidiary )

6728 W. Sunset Road Suite 180

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118


You can reach us at: